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Established 1933

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Seventy Five Years a Mason 

 Reprinted from "Surrey Mason" magazine, issue 25, Summer 2011, p. 17

AProvGM Knopp presents 75 year certificate to W. Bro. Walter Evans

The 2nd February 1935 was for most people a very ordinary day. Leonarde Keeler was in the process of testing his latest invention, the polygraph machine; the first lie detector was used in court as evidence in the USA and, at home that Saturday, the football results had Arsenal beating Sheffield Wednesday 4-1 and Manchester City beating Leicester City 6-3 in the then First Division. However, far more important matters were afoot in Copthorne Lodge No. 5427, as they were in the process of initiating a very young 22 year old chemist, Walter Lewis Evans. Little did anyone who was at that meeting realise what had been set in motion on that auspicious day.

On the 8th March 2011, seventy five years later, the Lodge again assembled for their March meeting and to receive a visitor, AProvGM W. Bro. Knopp, who was there, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, to present W. Bro. Walter Evans with a certificate commemorating Seventy Five years in Freemasonry. Who present on that sunny day in 1935 would have thought that such an event would be witnessed by so many and see W. Bro. Evans receive such an accolade seventy five years later.

Twenty eight years after his initiation, W. Bro. Walter Evans entered the chair of King Solomon and became Master of the Lodge. During his long Masonic career he has officiated in many offices within the Lodge and received several Provincial Promotions. He stands proud in a Lodge which can only admire his fortitude and longevity.

Time takes its toll on all Freemasons and W. Bro. Evans is no exception, but he has met the challenges presented to him full on and remains active in Freemasonry to this day. He is a pillar of strength at the Lodge of Instruction, retaining a recollection for ritual that would put many a Mason to shame, often playing a very active role in the proceedings. We all wish W. Bro. Evans the very best for his continued Masonic career and hope that he has many more years of active service to the Craft. 


Walter Lewis Evans passed to the Grand Lodge above 24th March 2013 (Obituary).



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Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. Knopp presented W. Bro. Walter Evans with a certificate celebrating 75 years in Freemasonry.

At the age of 97 W. Bro. Walter Evans was again installed as Master of Copthorne Lodge by his son John Evans at Copthorne's September 2011 meeting.

Walter Lewis Evans PPSGW born September 1913 passed to the Grand Lodge above 24 March 2013, 6 months from his 100th Birthday and 18 months before the 80th Anniversary of his initiation into Freemasonry.