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Obituary - Bro Walter Evans (1913-2013) 

 Reprinted from "Surrey Mason" magazine, issue 31, Summer 2013, p. 31

Walter Lewis Evans PPSGW. Born September 1913 in Sutton passed to the Grand Lodge above 24 March 2013, 6 months from his 100th Birthday and 18 months before the 80th Anniversary of his initiation into Freemasonry.

Returning from a family holiday in Wales his father's motorcycle and side-car combination broke down, leaving 11-year old Walter, his twin-brother Joe and their parents stranded with insufficient funds for the necessary repairs and the petrol to get home. The local garage owner asked where they lived, Sutton was the reply. "Do you know Jack Jones?" "As it happens, I do. He's a customer of mine." The garage owner pondered for a while and the said, "Jack and I are Freemasons and know each other well. I'm prepared to repair the motorcycle, just send me the money when you can." This episode impressed young Walter and he vowed to join the Fraternity of such generous and trusting people just as soon as he was old enough.

In February 1935 Walter and Joe were initiated into Copthorne Lodge, both 21 years old. Walter was later Exhalted into Banstead Chapter in 1966 where he was honoured with the rank of PPGSN in 1996. Walter remained committed to Freemasonry for all his adult life. He initiated his son, John, into Freemasonry and some years later, at the age of 96, Installed him in the Chair. Later that year he received a special award from the ProvGM of Surrey to commemorate 75 years in Freemasonry. At 98 he was installed Master of Copthorne Lodge for the 3rd time a truly remarkable achievement.

Independent to the end, Walter continued to live in the family home in Cheam enjoying his DIY and his garden. When his wife passed away in 2005 his involvement in Freemasonry increased. 18 months ago he was still driving. In 2009 he bought a new car. The salesman said, "Would you like a 5-year warranty?" Walter said, "Is that for me or the car?" Nothing much seemed to slow him down.

His brother Joe passed away in 2007.

Walter was one of the longest serving brethren in the history of English Freemasonry. He will be greatly missed. 



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Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. Knopp presented W. Bro. Walter Evans with a certificate celebrating 75 years in Freemasonry.

At the age of 97 W. Bro. Walter Evans was again installed as Master of Copthorne Lodge by his son John Evans at Copthorne's September 2011 meeting.

Bro. Water Evans passed away on the 24th March 2013 after 78 years in Freemasonry.

Walter was one of the longest serving brethren in the history of English Freemasonry.